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David Hume has been working on Citroën SM's for 30 some years. His shop is located on the family farm in picturesque Midway, Kentucky surrounded by green pastures and prancing race horses training for the nearby Kentucky Derby. David restores and services the SM to original factory specifications.Excelsior Motors history Page



Detroit Rescue Mission

Lost for 20 years saved today from Detroit warehouse.  Now on fast truck to the workshop at Excelsior Motors.

Safely back in KY cleaning 20 years of dirt off this treasure


In The Shop

In the shop is a section of the Excelsior Motors web site that describes current and past work at the shop in Midway, Kentucky

Happy Monday, it's Cylinder Head Assembly Day!

 — with Pepa Spasova andWyatt Hale
Knocking noise on a C-114 Maserati V-6.Result crankshaft moving up Into the upper block , being pulled by the chain tensioner creating extra main bearing clearance. Caught at 47000 miles before major damage.
Ready for assembly Maserati V6 Heads to be installed on my very First SM that I have owned since 1975 — with Maserati V6 3 liter Heads for a very special project. My very first SM that is on my profile photo. The SM has been in the Family since 1975.
Replacing a Merak windshield Very carefully



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